A Neighborhood Radio Station

Radio WTWT is by and for the people. Which people? Hard to say—certainly many of them, perhaps most. We are those who are tired of radio by the machines and for no one at all. Yes our programming is sloppy, maybe we don’t quite know how to do call ins yet, but we’re humans. We feature music, podcasts, audio art, radio plays, and more made and curated by messy sloppy human beings. And No! You can’t listen to what you want when you want! Resist atomization and celebrate in this shared experience!

—Radio WTWT Staff

A Word on Support

We’re running this in our free time with free content and it costs a bit to keep up the back-end! Supporters like you help make WTWT possible and help as avoid SPRING MEMBERSHIP DRIVES.

Additionally, we have no problem with payola at present. See our subscription tiers for information on how to secure syndication for your podcast, live DJ hours, & more!

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